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Abruzzo: ..... where dreams can come true

From the Stiffe Caves to Rocca Calascio, from the Hermitage of S. Bartolomeo to the Costa dei Trabocchi, etc ...

grotte di stiffe abruzzo

Abruzzo, the "Green Region of Europe" in central Italy between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine mountains. A region characterized by a remarkable urbanization of the coastal area and a lower presence of settlements as one proceeds inland and increases the altitude. Above all the inland areas, deeply marked by rugged mountains and deep valleys, saw the birth of a multitude of small cities, villages, villages often perched in defense or almost to underline with their presence every specific peculiarity of the natural environment. The villages of Abruzzo are among the most beautiful in Italy, they must still largely be known, protected and valued. The people who live in these places, despite the many difficulties, are proud of the heritage that surrounds them and extremely available to welcome those who wish to deepen their knowledge of their realities and share their wealth.

Excursions in the Abruzzo National Parks

abruzzo parks
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