L'Aquila province (€ 1,500,000) - Code 0909

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Historic 16th century building in the center of Abruzzo, renovated and immediately usable.


16th century building overlooking the Sirente mountain range in Abruzzo, just 90 minutes from Rome, about 60 minutes from the sea and Pescara, about 30 minutes from the ski resorts. It was refurbished in 2013 to a very high standard and is currently used as a very successful B&B Boutique. The building is on three floors and is about 1000 square meters with many frescoed ceilings and Baroque details.


There are at least 8 bedrooms with 9 private bathrooms, 4 living rooms, 2 beautiful kitchens, a huge vaulted space which is set up to be a restaurant and leads out to the garden, and there is a delightful inner courtyard.


The whole building is richly decorated with terracotta floors, walnut doors and shutters, original lime-based paintings and liberty and baroque decorations.


This, in addition to being an extraordinary opportunity to own an important slice of Italian history, would also be an important investment such as a boutique hotel, a country resort or an exclusive private residence.


Energy data available from owner.

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