Capestrano AQ (€ 25.000) - Cod ZNU0121

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Stone house with cellars, terraces and small land at the foot of the Castle.


Four-level house (185 sqm.) With 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in one of the most characteristic areas of the village, overlooking a spectacular valley at the foot of the castle. The house has recently had repairs to the roofs, it needs a general internal renovation with some optimizations and the insulation of a wall against the ground. Adjacent to the house, above one of the cellars, there is a two-level rustic in the rough state to which the roof has been redone, it could be renovated obtaining an independent environment or connecting it to the main house. The house has two entrances, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor via a short flight of external stairs. The first entrance on the ground floor gives access to a courtyard where there are two large cellars that develop beneath the house and are partly excavated in the rock, or you can go up a short staircase that leads to a panoramic terrace where it is located a French door that allows you to enter directly on the first floor. The second entrance on the first floor is protected by a gate that leads to a landing with the main door and the bathroom door in an autonomous compartment (appropriate optimization with the creation of a small covered compartment that involves the advancement of the door and connects the bathroom to the rest of the house). The first floor has an entrance, a small living room and a large room divided into a kitchen with fireplace and dining room (to restore a wall against the ground). An internal staircase leads to the second floor with three bedrooms, one with a balcony. At the bottom of the main bedroom a masonry staircase leads to the terrace from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the village, the surroundings and the valley of the Tirino River.

The roof of the wooden house has been partially redone and the insulation has been renewed on the terrace. Heating is guaranteed by the fireplace and a wood stove, the domestic hot water is produced by an electric boiler located in the bathroom. The floors and fixtures are largely the original ones. The house is accessible by car with the possibility of parking nearby.


AQE, EPI Energy Performance Index = 63.540 kWh / m2 per year.


Note: the sale price also includes some small land (630 sq m) around the house.


The village of Capestrano (AQ) has about 900 inhabitants, at 465 m. asl in the upper Tirino Valley with an interesting territory (woods, lakes, rivers, springs) falling in the Gran Sasso / Laga National Park. The town is famous for its Italic necropolis (Guerriero di Capestrano), for the Piccolomini Castle (XV century) and the Abbey of San Pietro ad Oratorium. Present municipal offices, post office, bank, pharmacy, some shops, bars and restaurants, green areas equipped for picnics and even a camping with a popular outdoor swimming pool. Among the tourist / sporting activities it is possible to make canoe excursions along the nearby Tirino River or horseback riding thanks to some active stables in the area. Bus connections with L'Aquila, Sulmona and Pescara, highway and railway station at 15 ', Rome can be reached by car in about 1.5 hours.

Capestrano AQ
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