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Castrovalva AQ (€ 33,000) - Cod 0927

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"Tower" stone house to be restored in a panoramic position.

Terraced house to renovate with thick stone masonry,  resting on a rocky base and inserted in the context of the terraced houses making up the walls of the "Castrovalva" Borgo in a very panoramic position overlooking the Natural Reserve of the Sagittario Gorges. Originally it had to be at least two levels based on the traces still present at different heights of a fireplace and some niches.

The construction, free on two sides,  it currently consists of a single room with an internal base of 20 square meters (external 30 square meters), a maximum height of about 10 square meters and with some windows; a restructuring with division into three levels is conceivable. The roof has been redone and is in single-pitched wood, covered with traditional tiles. Current registration in the land register Buildings in Cat. C / 6.

At the foot of the building passes the famous hiking trail that starts from the WWF Oasis of the Cavuto River Springs to cross Castrovalva and continue towards the ancient village of Frattura di Scanno.


Castrovalva AQ is a splendid fortified village (Fraction of Anversa degli Abruzzi) considered among the most beautiful in Italy, built on a long rocky ridge overlooking the Sagittario River Valley. At 865 m. asl has about ten  permanently resident inhabitants but much more populated during the summer season. The local stone houses line up along two main streets, interspersed with small squares and terraces with extraordinary views of the surrounding mountains, valleys and dense woods. There is a hotel / restaurant, a bar / shop and some services usually active only on weekends. Castrovalva is known worldwide for a famous lithograph from 1929 by the Dutch artist Escher who visited it during a trip to Italy. Going down to the valley it is possible to reach within a short distance the famous villages of Anversa degli Abruzzi, Villalago and Scanno equally considered among the most beautiful villages in Italy. Rivers, lakes, natural oases and even ski centers make the area one of the most interesting in central Italy. Highway and Railway Station at about 10 ', the city of Pescara with the airport and the beaches of the Adriatic Sea at about 60', Rome at 90 '.

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10a Castrovalva
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30 Castrovalva - Escher
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