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Who we are

We are professonists and agencies engaged in the promotion and sale of typical houses in Abruzzo, interested in getting in touch with Italian and / or foreign customers looking for a house of character in some of the most beautiful villages in the region.


We are available for visits and tours in the various villages, we can provide assistance and advice in all phases of approach and approach to any purchase.


The negotiations take place directly and with the involvement of agencies. In cases of need for restoration of the buildings, we can encourage interaction with offices, technicians and local companies with proven experience in the field of building renovation.

Uomo che lavora con il portatile

Our customers

All those who are attracted by Abruzzo, are looking for a housing solution or an investment that is not too expensive, even just for holidays, outside the context of large cities, immersed in the tranquility and beauty of places, surrounded by history, art, culture, traditions and above all by the friendliness of the people.

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Our properties

The most recent properties shown on the site have been created with techniques and materials that are repetitive of the most current knowledge and regulations regarding private residential construction. The older properties were almost all made with local materials, and belong to the type of village building of the '900, generally in the historic centers of the various villages, often overlook the valleys below offering spectacular views. The houses restored or to be restored retain many of the original features, such as the stone or brick portals, the characteristic balconies, the roof coverings with old tiles and sometimes the typical fireplaces. Partial or total restorations have always respected the recovery plans and followed the criteria for building renovations and energy savings. The properties are regularly registered in the building register, generally in categories A / 2 - A / 3 - A / 4 and usually belong to a single owner.


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Visits to properties
Technical interactions
Purchase / sale assistance

Visits to properties are possible after booking well in advance and registering. The Visits Service is free. We also organize tours of properties for sale in certain areas. Possible car service (to reimburse expenses) with departure from the nearest railway stations.

Qualified real estate consultants provide advice and assistance in all phases of approaching the purchase or sale. For the sale, some documents are requested from the owners, including the APE. All documentation on the properties is available upon request from potential buyers, after formal registration.

In case of need for technical operations or restoration and renovation of buildings, interaction with qualified operators in the sector (surveyors, architects, engineers) who work in specific locations is encouraged, in strict compliance with general and local regulations.

Contact Us

Contrada Pareti n. 5, 65028 Tocco da Casauria PE - Italy  |  Tel: +39 348 999 9513

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