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Covid-19 Information for travelers arriving to Italy

Covid-19 Informazioni viaggiatori
Covid-19 Information to travellers entering Italy

The Trans-Siberian Railway of Italy: Sulmona-Carpinone Railway

... according to Skyscanner it is the second most beautiful in the world.

LEROTAIE Association Tel 340 0906221

Ours is an association of non-profit volunteers. Born thanks to a group of friends who met since 2002 to discuss and exchange opinions and ideas, it has been regularly established and registered since 2007 at the Revenue Agency of Isernia and registered in the Regional Register of associations of Molise.

The aim of the association is to spread and practice rail modeling and safeguard the railway heritage (present, past and future) of our region.

Since November 2013 we have had a location where we can regularly perform our duties. Thanks to the Provincial Administration of Isernia that has allowed us to take advantage of the former locomotive depot of the FS station today on loan for use to the Isernian institution.

Since then we have never stopped in the realization of the model and the museum of memorabilia. We have done a lot but there is still much to do.

In the Museum of railway memorabilia we keep everything that is currently abandoned in the stations and along the lines, we have many objects and small railway vehicles that are just waiting to be admired.

We have created a small themed library, with a considerable amount of texts also from the early 1900s.

For the future we would like to rely on historical rolling stock, for example ALn 668 series 1800 of imminent provision to keep alive the memory of machines that have written the history of Italian railways. In this regard, we point out that we are in possession of the entire recovery maneuvering bench in Benevento upon regular request and authorization granted, in order to be able to create a simulator. It would also be nice to have a dignified conservation for the two tenders (735.128 with trolleys and 680.037 with three axles) abandoned in the Isernia station, currently in the open air at the mercy of bad weather, vandalism, and even a refuge for homeless people who have made it their home resulting in the accumulation of waste of all kinds.

Another objective is the recovery in Isernia of the two tracks with a revolving platform and a former coal-warehouse warehouse currently in total state of abandonment and decay, on this project we have already activated with the mayor Brasiello who, sharing the idea, has provided us with ample willingness to create, once the area was acquired, a green railway theme park in this regard, a visit to our association of Eng. Luigi Cantamessa, director of the FS Foundation who met the local administrators (go to the article).

We are also working, in addition to organizing historic trains, also to restore the famous Pescara-Naples (the Neapolitan) on the Sulmona-Carpinone line the only salvation for this beloved railway.

We will do our best and never give up, working in silence with the competent bodies because we prefer action to useless propaganda.

Stability Law 2020: tax deductions of 65% and 50% extended for a further year, new bonus for facades 90

December 2019

In the Stability Law 2020, approved by the Council of Ministers, the tax deductions for Energy Savings (-65%), Renovations and Furniture Purchases (-50%) are extended until the end of 2020, the Facade Bonus is added (-90 %).




Municipalities of Abruzzo

January 2015 data

The .xls file shows the classification data of all the Municipalities of Abruzzo relating to: location, altitude, territorial extension, population, variation in the number of residents, classification of "Mountain Municipalities" for the purpose of taxing agricultural land, etc. ....

Fresh air, stunning views, tranquility. How many of you have been dreaming about ditching it all and moving to an Italian village? Now you can move to Abruzzo and get paid! The region of Abruzzo will pay up to € 15,000 over a maximum of three years to people willing to relocate to mountain villages for at least five years. The financial incentive is offered in attempt to tackle population decline in mountain municipalities.


20 IMG_7062.JPG

Foreign pensioners invited to move to southern Italy

Foreign retirees who intend to move to Italy from January 2019 can have a great tax benefit. The Budget Law 2019 has in fact introduced the "Flat Tax" of 7% on the income of foreign pensioners who move to the Regions of southern Italy (countries and small cities - including Abruzzo). It is necessary:

- have a foreign pension

- have been residents of a foreign country in the previous 5 years

- transfer to southern Italy.

flat tax, pensionati stranieri

CNN: 10 reasons to visit Abruzzo

Abruzzo has "an enviable snow season", is "a world far from modern Italy" and "could be on the verge of a boom in international tourism. Tourists are increasingly looking for lesser known destinations and little known ... and Abruzzo has it all! ". So reads an article published by CNN, the US information portal.

Abruzzo one of the best places to live in the world

Abruzzo is one of the regions where people live best in the world. To write it in a flattering way is Kathleen Peddicord, a journalist from Huffington, a well-known American newspaper. The news, which is circulating the web in these hours, was reported by Rai News.

Borghi d'Abruzzo la Cucina is a section born as an appendix of Borghi d'Abruzzo, aimed at rediscovering, enhancing and safeguarding the vast and renowned Abruzzese cuisine, rich in flavors and traditions both pastoral, in the internal mountain and foothills areas, which marinate in the coastal area. Each proposed dish is published, only after it has been tested and photographed by the author, related to the recipe, cooking times, and historical news or anecdotes.

Abruzzo Parks: excursions

Abruzzo Parks promotes the attendance and knowledge of Abruzzo Parks and Reserves, intended as an organic and indissoluble whole; it therefore operates throughout the regional territory, from the mountains to the sea, going as far as the Sibillini National Park and the Gargano National Park.

From north to south, the parks create, following the conformation of the Apennine ridge, almost a single and vast area of protected territory which contains some of the most precious and intact natural environments of the whole of Europe. Flanked by a whole system of more or less extensive natural reserves, they do not limit their function to the conservation of the natural heritage, but include within them remarkable historical, artistic and cultural values.

On the Abruzzo Parks website it will be possible to find news, events, insights, but above all excursions, trekking and thematic itineraries related to the entire "green Abruzzo" (the parks and reserves of Abruzzo have for some time been presented as a single brand in fairs national and foreign) and for each category of users (families, athletes, schools, gourmets, photographers, researchers).

The portal, dynamic and open to social networks, will become the natural point of reference for the visitor who, on his trip to Abruzzo, will be able to experience the most varied realities.

Spaghetti alla chitarra were born in Pratola Peligna (AQ)

Historical and archival research has documented that the recipe enjoyed today everywhere also with the Abruzzese name of "maccheroni alla chitarra" was developed by the Pastificio Masciarelli of Pratola Peligna, the oldest in Italy and unique in the province of L'Aquila, on the threshold of the 150th anniversary of the foundation which falls in 2017, the Peligno pasta factory was in fact born in 1867.

The Orfento Valley in the "Nature" magazine

The prestigious scientific journal "Nature" enhances the biodiversity of the Orfento Valley Nature Reserve of Caramanico Terme (PE) as a European example for biodiversity.

Peoples of trees and gardens.

National coordination for trees and the non-profit landscape


Geolocation of the monumental trees of Abruzzo

Call them monumental trees of Abruzzo: they are the largest, the most "old", the most characteristic of our region. Now we know it's 340.

New Energy Certification (APE) mandatory for sales, rentals and "announcements".

From 1st October 2015

The Energy Performance Certificate, already mandatory from 2013, will be subject to "New Guidelines" from 1/10/2015. In addition to various innovations, penalties are also specified in the event of failure or incorrect drafting of the document for new buildings, renovated, offered for sale or offered for rent:

- Certifier (penalties from 700 to 4,200 €)

- Site manager (penalties from € 1,000 to € 6,000)

- Owner / Builder (penalties from 3,000 to 18,000 €).

The Energy Certification (APE) is mandatory by law on the occasion of sales, rentals and also for the publication of announcements (private or agencies) of any type and by any means.

The excellence of Abruzzo and Molise on display in New York

since October 2015

For a month and a half, from next October, the excellence of Abruzzo and Molise will be on display in New York at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center (WICCNY). Abruzzo & Molise, Yesterday and Today 2015: art, culture, traditions, crafts, food and wine , exhibition reviews: the best of the two regions, which until 1963 have been united, can be shown to the Americans of the Big Apple, ......

Abruzzo Borghi -


The "AbruzzoBorghi" site aims to offer, above all through images and articles, a review of the peculiarities of the villages of Abruzzo, authentic jewels scattered among the mountains of the central Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Space is given to operators in the environmental, cultural, tourism and real estate sectors for the presentation and offer of proposals aimed at understanding, enhancing, conserving and recovering the specific heritage.

Great time for the British to buy a property in Abruzzo (Italy), as pound soars versus euro.

Peter Lavelle June  2014

Do you plan to buy a property in Abruzzo (Italy) this year? If so, you'll be pleased to know it's become much cheaper to buy an Abruzzo property recently, because the pound is rocketing versus the euro. To be specific, sterling hit 1.2563 against the common currency recently, its strongest in 20 months, or since October 1st 2012.

What does this mean for you when you buy a property in Abruzzo? Well, it'll be much cheaper to do so, because you'll get more euros when you exchange currencies. In fact, were you to exchange £ 1,250, you'd get + € 150 more now than if you'd done so back when the pound was at its weakest, at 1.1371, on March 12th last year.

Moreover, there's an excellent chance it could become even better value to buy a property in Abruzzo this year, if the pound continues to climb versus the euro. Sterling could rise further, because the Bank of England is predicted to become the 1st major bank since the financial crash to hike interest rates, later this year.

With this in mind, it's shaping up to be a great time to buy a property in Abruzzo, as the strong pound cuts the cost of doing so!                                                                              About the author

Peter Lavelle is a currency dealer at foreign exchange broker  Pure FX . For free expert currency advice when you buy a property in Abruzzo, call him on  +44 (0) 1494 671800  or email  .He'll be glad to help.


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