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Roccacasale AQ (€ 45,000) - Cod 0932

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House to renovate with cellars and garden on the main square (Casa di Cesare Torelli)

House to renovate, currently about 65 square meters with 1-2 bedrooms and a bathroom, 2 large cellars, a ruin and a side land (garden) of 200 square meters. , in the upper part of the town right on the main square. The house is currently not habitable, after the renovation it could have a usable area of about 200 square meters on various levels with 4-5 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms and a splendid terrace. The roofs are made of wood, recently redone and do not need any interventions. The house can be reached by car with parking nearby.

The house is known for having been the home of the eclectic artist Cesare Torelli until 2000. Painter, musician, poet and above all photographer Cesare Torelli left important traces of the life of his village and the Peligna Valley. In 2013, in a cellar of the house hidden films were found with thousands of photographs only partially recovered and saved, now visible on the website

The house is currently registered in the Real Estate Registry in category F / 2.

Roccacasale is a town of about 800 inhabitants, at 450 m. above sea level,  in a very sunny panoramic position and has some shops, bars, restaurants, post office and also municipal parking lots; from different levels there are paths that allow excursions of varying difficulty and length on the surrounding mountains of the Morrone / Majella National Park with woods, plateaus, springs, equipped shelters as well as interesting remains of ancient settlements. At various times of the year, but especially in summer, cultural and recreational activities of an interesting level are in full swing. The nearby city of Sulmona can also be reached by bus in a few minutes; using the car instead, you will arrive in 5 'at the “Pratola-Sulmona” entrance of the A25. The large city of Pescara with the airport and the beaches of the Adriatic Sea are at 50 ', the major ski centers of Abruzzo at 40', Rome is at 90 '.

1 Roccacasale
3 Roccacasale
2 Roccacasale
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51 Rudere collegato Casa Torelli
Photo by Cesare Torelli (Roccacasale)
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